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Unit 7: Wrapping up with DSpace

Since this week’s blog assignment is open-ended, I decided to look into something I was curious about: how DSpace’s Manakin themes compare to Drupal’s themes.

Here’s an example of some very attractive DSpace themes utilizing the xmlui interface: http://staff.lib.muohio.edu/~tzocea/files/dspace/

However, unlike with Drupal, there seems to be much more of a “roll your own” emphasis on this from the web developer’s perspective. Yes, there are some themes on GitHub and some how-tos that one can Google, but there isn’t that same plug-and-play experience you get with Drupal, where someone can change the theme without really getting into any of that back-end stuff.


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Unit 6: It Is Very Cold in DSpace

For this unit, we installed a new VM to use the DSpace digital repository software. It was a pretty similar process to the other Ubuntu Server VMs that I’ve created for this class and 672. The notable additions were Tomcat and PostgreSQL.

It was very easy to follow the installation instructions. The only thing that I fudged was instead of creating a file on my primary system and using Fugu to transfer it to the VM (I suppose I could have used scp, too, but I never remember the right way to do those filepaths — any constant blog readers wanna help me out?), I just used Nano on the VM. I suppose the reason the instructions didn’t say to do that is that there would be no way to copy and paste the text in the config file directly from the host machine to the VM. Luckily I was using ssh to make copy/pasting a bit easier, so that wasn’t an issue.

When I looked over the alternative installation instructions (https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/Installing+DSpace+1.7+on+Ubuntu and http://wiki.lib.sun.ac.za/index.php/SUNScholar/Dspace), they seemed pretty similar.  There were some small differences. For example, the former used a different version of Java, and the latter used the command line to do all the user configuration. Overall, though, it seemed like a very similar process. Since those instructions are both easily found online, I’m pretty sure I would be able to do an installation of DSpace myself at a later time by following those instructions.

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